LPG is liquefied petroleum gas emerged from oil refinery and natural gas extraction. LPG could be either in the liquid or gaseous state, of which the gaseous state could expand as much as 250 times the volume of its liquid state. LPG has lower density than water but is denser than air. LPG has high heating value as it is composed of propane and butane which are both highly combustible.

LPG is the source of energy with many applications. However, with its natural characteristics with neither color nor odor, LPG producer must add Ethyl Mercaptan to allow human inspection for leakage. However, with the characteristic of complete combustion, LPG is the clean energy which is widely accepted as environmental friendly.


WP Energy distributes LPG to the LPG gas filling plants, retail gas distributors, and industrial and household users with high quality gas-filled cylinder under the brand “worldgas,” which offer large variety to cater to different customer requirements.

Every “worldgas” gas cylinder is meticulously manufactured, from selecting high-strength steel, welding by highly-trained professional, testing for leakage with modern inspection methodology, and testing for durability and high-pressure circumstance. Every gas cylinder has durability that exceeded the generally-accepted standard by 10 times that they receive Thai Industrial Standard TIS27-2543 from Ministry of Industry. WP Energy is specialized in consulting about gas distribution equipment and system safety to ensure that customers can optimize gas consumption with maximum level of safety.


The company offers specialized LPG cylinder for forklift truck. The cylinder valve was specially designed to be used with forklift truck application and is widely used by many renown companies.

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