Gas Retail Shop

WP Energy distributes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to households segment with high quality gas-filled cylinder.

WP Energy distributes LPG to household customers by using four sizes of cylinders including 4, 13.5, 15, and 48 kg with Company-owned “Worldgas” trademark, which enables the company to appropriately meet the needs of diverse groups of customers with standardized service and marketing support from various channels. This helps the company to reach customers directly and the stores to expand easily.

In addition to making sure that each and every LPG cylinder is certified in accordance with standards set by the Department of Energy Business and complies with LPG cylinder repair and maintenance standards that the Company has continued to improve to maximize consumer satisfaction, the Company has attempted to build a good relationship with gas stores under "Worldgas" trademark by assisting them with relevant news and legislative information and advice on obtaining a gas accumulation license from a local agency.

Characteristics of Customer Groups and Distribution Channels

LPG stores, which are operators who receive cylinders with Company-owned "Worldgas" trademark that have already been filled with LPG from gas filling plants and sell them to households or commercial customers.

How to Join Us

Over 500 Gas shops enter into single brand type to make "Worldgas" products available at attractive prices through distributor network.

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WP Energy Public Company Limited
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