Each "Worldgas" cylinders are manufactured, from selecting high-strength steel approved by the Thai Industrial Standard TIS27-2543.

WP Energy distributes LPG gas to household segment in the gas-filled cylinder sizes 4 , 13.5 , 15 , and 48 kg to retail gas distributors and household customers.

Household segment

Gas filling plant :

WP Energy is responsible of LPG cylinders filling process under "Worldgas" trademark. We operate daily with high safety standards and environmental friendly with company ownerships of 9 filling plants and more than 160 of franchisees or Private owned plants across the country.

Gas shops :

WP Energy distributes LPG to household customers by using four sizes of cylinders including 4 , 13.5 , 15 and 48 kg with Company-owned "Worldgas" trademark, which enables the company to appropriately meet the needs of diverse groups of customers with standardized service and marketing support from various channels. This helps the company to reach customers directly and the stores to expand easily.

Commercial :

WP Energy distributes LPG by using three sizes of cylinders including 13.5 , 15 , 48 and two-valve of 48 kg to many major commercial customers who operate leading hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and shopping centers. The proficient sales and engineering teams also provide consultation about gas distribution equipment and system safety to ensure that customers can optimize gas consumption with a maximum level of safety.