LPG for Life

WP Energy Public Company Limited is Thailand's leading LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) distributor under the brand "Worldgas."

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is produced during the refining of crude oil in oil refineries also through natural gas separation process. LPG provides high heating value because it is a mixture of propane and butane. Thus, C3H8 + C4H10 are the chemical formula for LPG.

Due to the highly flammable property resulting in complete combustion, LPG is considered an environmentally friendly fuel, which has been recognized and winely used as an alternative source of energy.

LPG is an energy product from the crude oil refining process and from natural gas separation.
LPG is a clean anf enviromentally friendly energy.
LPG can be either in liquid or gas from which is lighter than water but heavier then air.
LPG is colorless and odorless but for safrty reason, an additive Ethyl Mercaptan, is added to help locate leakage.
LPG is the alternative energy source which can be used in many fields, including manufacturing.
LPG can be converted from liquid to gas by 250 times expansion.

Distribution channels

Wholesale is a distribution of gas products to LPG service stations, industrial plants, LPG filling stations, LPG stores, and commercial customers. The company has divided the size of gas distribution into 2 sizes:

1) Distribution in bulk means the filling of LPG into a large tank located on a gas truck (specific truck for gas only) by filling in large quantities. Then, LPG will be transferred into a bulk container located in the customer's area, such as a LPG gas station, LPG filling station, or a large industrial plant that requires the use of LPG in large quantities.

2) Distribution in cylinder refers to the filling of LPG into small containers. The Company now has 4 sizes of small gas cylinders including 4, 13.5, 15, and 48 kg, which can meet the needs of each client group appropriately.

Total 6,097,691 Cylinders

LPG Filling Process for Distribution

WP Energy receives LPG from the manufacturer through two modes of transportation, including ship and truck.


The Company will load LPG obtained from the producers into tankers and transports it to the ports where the Company's LPG terminals are located. The LPG is then transported through pipelines to the Company's LPG terminals for storage and subsequent distribution.

WP Energy has the gas terminals that can accommodate the reserved LPG for adequate distribution to our customers thoroughly with punctually delivery and meet all requirements of customers. We provide the quality control monitoring service and efficiently management for the safety and satisfaction of every customer.


The Company's tanker trucks will collect LPG from the producers and deliver it directly to customers without transporting it back to the Company' LPG terminals for storage.

Our products are distributed by EAGLE INTERTRANS CO., LTD, our affiliated. The utilizations of 116 trucks with bulks are fully equipped with online GPS tracking system makes it possible to monitor the delivery of our product and control the accurate and fast delivery from anywhere. The company's delivery system is certified with Quality Management System (ISO 9001), which ensure the most efficient transportation and logistics service.