Message From Chairman

“as a regional leader in energy business with service innovation excellence in response to every consumer need.”

Dear Shareholders,

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the economic crisis all over the world, and in Thailand with GPD up to -6.1%, a decrease of the number of foreign tourists to be just remained at 6.7 million people from 39.9 million people in 2019, an existing slowdown of export sector, a gradual closedown of many businesses, and a decrease of both domestic and foreign purchasing power. Therefore, WP Energy PCL and the Company’s business partners have been unavoidably affected from the deflation of domestic industrial sector, resulting in below expectation of the part of the Company’s operating results. However, the Company has still maintained the satisfactory rate of return due to the prudent business operation and careful investment policies, the constant adaptation to be suitably consistent with the situations, and the efficient cost management.

In 2020, the Company has generated a strong profit margin. During the year, the Company could pay interim dividend in the ratio of 0.25 Baht/share for the operating results in 2019 after having the first retained earnings. In 2021, the Company has still aimed at the efficient management for return to the shareholders who always trust and support the Company.

Throughout the past period, the Company has adhered to the policy established by WP Energy PCL’s Board of Directors in conducting the business with integrity, transparency, and commitment to achieve the Company’s goals under the vision “as a regional leader in energy business with service innovation excellence in response to every consumer need.” In this 2021, the Company has still continued such policy and prepared to move forward to be the business leader with its integrated business strategies which incorporate upstream, midstream, and downstream businesses, together with seeking for new businesses for fulfillment and extension. However, the Board of Directors and executives are confident of the business ability of the long-term steady growth and grateful to all shareholders, business partners, and related parties for the constant strong supports.

As the Chairman of the Board, I would like to deliver my gratitude to all shareholders, investors, supporting customers, business allies, employees, and related parties that have well and consistently trusted and supported the Company.

(Mr. Chulchit Bunyaketu)

Chairman of the Board of Director

WP Energy Public Company Limited