Company Milestone


World Gas (Thailand) Company Limited ("WG") invest in Picnic Corporation Public Company Limited ("PICNI") to support the successful rehabilitation plan of PICNI


24 November WP Energy Public Company Limited ("WP") formed as a result of the amalgamation between PICNI and WG


Completed construction of 2 LPG Terminals:

  1. Bang Pakong, Phase 2 LPG Terminal
  2. Ban Haet LPG Terminal


The extraordinary general meeting No. 1/2017 on 31 January 2017 approved as follows :

  1. Transfer of capital surplus from gas selling price in the amount of 532,000,000 baht
  2. Transfer of legal reserve in the amount of 33,910,000 baht
  3. Transfer of ordinary share surplus value in the amount of 2,657,619,957 baht respectively, and
  4. Reduction of authorized and paid-up capital of 2,242,065,700 baht from the existing amount of 2,760,565,700 baht to 518,500,000 baht by reducing 2,242,065,700 shares to compensate for accumulated losses

authorized and paid-up capital with the Department of Business Development. Currently, the company has an authorized and paid-up capital of 518,500 baht consisting of 518,5000 ordinary shares. Regarding the transfer of capital surplus from gas selling price in the amount of 532,000,000 baht, the company is currently consulting with a government agency on the legal aspects of the transfer and will use the capital surplus from gas selling price to compensate for accumulated losses once it receives a confirmation from the agency.

The company increased the number of LPG dispensers at Bang Cha Kreng LPG terminal from 6 to 13 dispensers to enhance the distribution of LPG and to meet the needs of customers from various sectors throughout the country. After the expansion, the company has a total of 41 dispensers and maximum gas dispensing rate of 14,760 tons per day.


On 23 January 2018, the Stock Exchange of Thailand approved the release of WP's shares from the possibility of delisting by removing the SP and NC signs and allowing WP's shares to be traded from 1 February 2018 onwards.


On 1 February 2018, WP's shares resumed to the Stock Exchange in the energy and utilities sector under the resources industry group with registered capital of 518,500,000 baht


On 19 September 2018, the company signed a hiring contract to build the Bang Pakong Phase 3 liquid petroleum gas warehouse with storage capacity of 9,500 tons to provide storage for required reserve which will increase from one percent to two percent in 2021. After the construction is completed, the company will have a storage capacity of 18,489 tons.


The Board of Directors Meeting No.11/2018 held on 29 October 2018 approved, its subsidiary company, WP Gas Co., Ltd.'s investment in Thai Gas Corporation Co., Ltd. which accounts for 80 percent of Thai Gas's registered capital in the amount of 168,800,256 baht.